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Rodrigo Labrador Rengel

I am a European Financial Advisor, member of EFPA (European Financial Planning Association), a specialist in Company Valuation by the IEB, I have worked in the banking sector and as a private investor in recent years.

I firmly believe that investment returns are ultimately a function of the price paid for a company, and this should be determined by referencing its intrinsic or fundamental value with an appropriate safety margin.

Because of this, I invest in and analyse companies in various sectors following the philosophy of Value Investing, which is the same investment style used by great professionals such as Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch or Seth Klarman.

In addition, I value companies in special situations such as: Spin-offs, restructuring, among others, following the style of Joel Greenblatt, one of the investors that I personally admire the most. 

Finally, as part of my professional performance, I advise companies in the definition of their business model and expansion possibilities.

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